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Daytrip Suggestions.

Looking for ideas and inspiration for your next Trip on the Trails? Try our "themed routes" to make your adventures a destination for learning, experiencing, or just for fun!


These routes are optimized for short drives, giving you plenty of time to do the things you like: to eat, relax, and play. Please check back often; we'll be adding even more new routes over time.


Need more ideas? Just contact us and we'll help you plan a day, weekend, or more to make the most of your time on our Trails!

The Girls on the Go Tour

Grab your girlfriends and choose one of three route loops that follow the Missouri River through the central part of Old Trails. Enjoy casual shopping plus savor the region's bounty at wineries, orchards, and roadside markets as you jaunt through beautiful vistas and interesting attractions.

Wineries Along the Old Trails

Taste your way along the Old Trails Region! These short routes put you specifically in the heart of our wine country. You'll have plenty of opportunity to sip, shop, explore quaint small towns, and enjoy some amazing scenery.

The Civil War Along the Old Trails

Many are surprised to learn the Old Trails Region was a major battleground during the Civil War. Choose from three itineraries covering different skirmishes and battles of the Civil War in the Old Trails Region.

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