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Two, three or four wheels, you'll find a wonderful mixture of sights and sounds along Old Trails with a blend of new, old, and eclectic attractions to experience and enjoy. A picture is worth a thousand words, but our Trails have to be experienced to be enjoyed.


Get on the Trail and join us!

There are many smaller scenic highways through the Region but the above have been chosen as the more major through roads to explore the Old Trails Region. These directions should serve as a good guide but a map or GPS is always a good riding companion. Stay safe!


--Rides compiled and submitted by Tom Emerson


US 24 passes through the whole region from going east-west. It enters the Region going west from Moberly. You will pass west through Salisbury through rolling country on to Keytesville then to Brunswick. Cross the Grand River bridge at Brunswick on west to DeWitt then to Carrollton. At Carrollton there are 2 options:


• 24 merges with US 65 on a jog south across the Missouri River and then back west to Waverly. Continue west to Dover and on to Lexington. Pick up the old 224 (a Scenic Byway) west through Lexington paralleling the Missouri River to Wellington and then on to Napoleon where it loops back to 24 Hwy on west to Buckner; (as a side trip you could head north up BB to Sibley and historic Fort Osage). From Buckner on west on 24 to Independence at the west end of our Region, the beginning of the westward leg of the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails started!


• At Carrollton of Hwy 65 you can stay north of the river to check out those historic towns. Get on 10 Hwy west for a straight–line cruise through the Missouri River bottoms to Norborne, on west to Hardin, then to Richmond. Just west of 10 turns into 210 west where you can continue west to Missouri City and end at MO 291 between Independence and Liberty. You could also stay on Hwy 10 west of Richmond where it turns north up and over to the hills around Excelsior Springs. For Options from Excelsior Springs, see rides #3 and #4.


From I-70 at the east end of our Region at mile marker 121 take Old US 40 west looping up and over to Boonville. There are 2 good options from Old 40 just past Rocheport;


• Continue on Old 40 west to Boonville looping back down to I-70. Take  I-70 west for a short jog passing under the Katy Trail bridge to exit 98, Hwy. 41 north.  Cross the Lamine River  to the town of Lamine and continue north up to historic Arrow Rock. Continue west on 41 towards Marshall (this section closely paralells the Santa Fe Trail). From 41 Hwy Marshall stay on 41 north (as a side trip you may want to check out Van Meter State Park on 122 west off 41 north of Marshall). Continue on 41 north though Miami and cross the Missouri river to Hwy 24 on West (see #1).


• On Old 40 west just past Rocheport take 240 north. Go north to Fayette on 240 on over to Glasgow and across the Grand River bridge to Gillam, Steve McQueen’s hometown of Slater, and then south to Marshall, Where you can pick up Bus. 65 to 65 north (actually still going west on this stretch) to US 24 at Waverly and then on 24 West (ride #1).


For fans of twistier roads, here is a south-north route you’ll like. From I-70 exit 41 take O Hwy up to Lexington where it ends and continue north through Lexington to 224 east. You'll take a short jog to the new 4-Lane MO 13 north across the Ike Skelton Bridge over the Missouri River. After the bridge take the next exit Hwy J and head west to the end at CC, CC north to Henrietta. At Henrietta (on left before the Casey’s) take Hwy H west to Hwy T west to Camden, where you ride along the Missouri river bluffs and over to Hwy 10 west for a short jog to another Hwy O north to Hwy 10 just east of Excelsior Springs. Continue west through Scenic Excelsior Springs to Hwy H going south and west and end at Liberty.


From Excelsior Springs you may also head up US 69 to Hwy 92 West. Head on West past Jesse James birthplace and on to Kearney (as a short side ride you could take RA north from 92 before you get to Kearney to Watkins Woolen Mill State Park). From Kearney head on west and explore the Smithville Lake area. From 92 at Smithville you can Access I-435 north or south to get back to the major highways.

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