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Encompassing nine scenic counties, the Old Trails Region partially follows the path of the Missouri River in central Missouri. It's rich with orchards and wineries, shopping and historic sites, beautiful scenery and incredible vistas. There's always something to discover on our Trail! Here you'll find some of the State's finest regional dining, bed & breakfasts, festivals, and historical venues.
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Battle of Albany reenactment Oct. 24-26 revisits Civil War turmoil in the Old Trails Region

Civil War action in the Old Trails Region!
On Oct. 26,1864, a company of Missouri Partisan Rangers led by Capt. Anderson were camped north of Orrick in Ray County, Missouri, which was known as Old Albany.
Major Samuel Cox of Gallatin and 300 men of the 51st and 33rd Missouri Militia Mounted Infantry ambushed and killed Bloody Bill Anderson in the Battle of Albany. Following his death, Anderson’s body was taken to the Ray County Courthouse, placed on public display, and photographed. His body was drug around the courthouse square before he was buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Richmond.

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