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Encompassing nine scenic counties, the Old Trails Region partially follows the path of the Missouri River in central Missouri. It's rich with orchards and wineries, shopping and historic sites, beautiful scenery and incredible vistas.


 There's always something to discover on our Trail!  Here you'll find some of the State's finest regional dining, bed & breakfasts, festivals, and historical venues.


Use this site to explore the Old Trails Region...find memories and good times!

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Break out of being housebound this Winter. Plan a day trip in the Old Trails Region.


Explore one of many museums or historic sites. Find a new place to eat. Browse antiques, books, apparel, quilting supplies plus much more. You'll always find a surprise in your travels along the Old Trails.


Winter is also prime time for eagle watching along the banks of the Missouri River - see if you can spot one!


Discover the warm hospitality of the Old Trails Region...there's something for everyone.

There's always something going on somewhere on Old Trails. Partners contribute to this calendar daily, so check out what's going on. Then plan a day, a weekend, or as many days on the Trail as you want, enjoying our events and attractions!

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